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Johan Thom Shearer, M.Sc., P.Geo.

Unit 5 - 2330 Tyner Street

Port Coquitlam, B.C. V3C 2Z1

Phone: (604) 970-6402, Fax: (604) 944-6102

E-mail: jo@HomegoldResourcesLtd.com


B.Sc. (Honours Geology) 1973. University of British Columbia

M.Sc. (Mineral Exploration) 1977. Imperial College, University of London.

Further Graduate Studies:

Carbonate Petrology - 1975, Dr. Danner (Grad Studies)

Numerous Continuing Education Courses such as:

Viburnum Trend Symposium, 1975

Computer Graphics for Geoscientists, 1989

New Deposit Models, 1996

Member in good standing of:

Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia #19279

Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario #1867

Fellow of the Geological Association of Canada (F439) (GAC)

Fellow of the Geological Society (London) (Geol. Soc.)

Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (CIMM)

Elected Fellow of the Society of Economic Geologists (SEG)


I have been continuously employed in Mining Exploration since 1973 by such companies as McIntyre Mines Ltd., Carolin Mines Ltd. and Trader Resources Corp. I have been employed since 1986 by Homegold Resources Ltd.

Major Geological Environments:

1973-1977+ Carbonates - Mississippi Valley Pb/Zn

MacKenzie Mountains, Yukon and N.W.T.

Ingenika, Pine Point, Calgary Core Lab., Extensive petrology for McIntyre Mines Ltd. on Yukon properties, Kootenay Arc, Salmo.

1975-present Volcanics - Volcanogenic Massive Sulphides Pb/Zu/Au/Ag

Kutcho Creek, Gambier Group Harrison Lake, Eagle Bay Formation - Adams Plateau,

Ecstall River (El Amino), Timmins Area Drilling, Pb/Zn in Shales, Howards Pass, Dissertation on Worldwide Occurrences.

1977-1987 Skarn - WO3 Gold, Copper

Nightingale Tungsten, Nevada, Vancouver Island, extensive petrology of Tel gold Skarn Deposit, Banks Island, Discovered Tel Extension, Vancouver Island & Q.C.I. Magnetite-Copper Skarns.

1978-present Gold Vein, Disseminated Gold in Turbidite and other Gold Environments

Ladner Creek Mine (extensive petrology of entire mine sequence and reflected light mineralogy), Monument (Coquihalla) Gold Vein, Emancipation, Camp McKinney, Surf Inlet Mine, Keecha Lake, Dublin Gulch Yukon, Proserpine - Barkerville Gold Belt, Crescent Inlet Breccias - Q.C.I., Motherlode Belt - California.

1988 - present Dimension Stone - Industrial Minerals

Verde Antique (serpentine), High Grade Silica, Shale (petrology of Sumas Mountain Quarry for Tilbury Cement), Petrology of Rhodonite deposit at Evelyn Creek, Yukon and Cowichan Lake, Jade, Mica-Sericite, Talc, Sand & gravel, Limestone - both Texada Island and Chilliwack River Valley, Export of Stone from 1999 to 2001 from Silver Creek Operation and Sayres Lake Quarry. White Limestone near Nimpkish Lake and Beaver Cove, Massive Magnetite near Sayward, Vancouver Island (Iron Ross Project). Petrology of several Limestone deposits on Texada Island.

1971 - present Porphyry Copper, Porphyry Mo

Lexington, (Co-author of paper in CIM, Special Volume 46), Misty Porphyry Cu/Au, Hogem Batholith City of Paris, Gem Breccia (Mo) Salmo, Eire Creek, numerous minor prospects, Babine Lake Porphyries, Vancouver Island Holberg-Island Copper Belt.

1971 - present Carlin Gold/Hot Spring Gold

Worked in Nevada on Carlin-type Targets and throughout the Queen Charlotte Island on Cinola-like prospects, Round Mountain Nevada. Sandspit Gold drilling

1974 - present Archaean Gold Ductile Shear Hosted

Timmins, 1974, Detour Lake, 2010, oxford House 2007, Twin Lakes 2008, Keefers Hannah – orogenic gold.

1995 - 2011 High Grade Silver Vein/ Epithermal in BC

Silver Peak, complex mineralogy, high-grade shoots.


Obtained Quarry Supervisor Certificate (Open Pit #98-3550) in 1998. Acquired deposit, production permits and designed open cut quarry for limestone (250,000 tonnes per year) for IKO Industries to use as filler in the recently constructed 30 million dollar roofing products plant in Sumas Washington. Supervised pioneering and initial production of 40,000 tonnes of limestone. Acquired Mine Development Certificate for Monteith Bay Resources high grade silica in 1995 (permitting, environmental co-ordination, reclamation for Fisheries concerns) bulk sample and initial production in 1998. Continued with quality control and Mine Plan at Monteith Bay Geyserite quarry 1999 to present, Revamped Mine Plan from 249,000 tonnes per year to 450,000 tonnes per year at the I.G. Machine and Fibers Granule Plant at Ashcroft for 2002. Supervised contract Drill/Blast/Crush/Haul at Ashcroft in fall of 2001 to 2011. Mine Plan for Madoc Granule Plant in Ontario, 2008.

Massive Arsenopyrite at Native Son Property, Gun Lake, Bralorne Area.

Rexspar Fluorite - Rare Earth Oxide deposit - detail mapping and petrology.

Disseminated Silver deposit (Great Excelsior) Takla Redbed Copper

Sonic Drilling on Placer Property in Cariboo

Presented papers at 1986 CIM in Victoria on Golden Giant, Tel Zone, Banks Island MEG talk Jan. 16, 1985 and MEG talk 1978.

1990 paper GAC Annual Meeting May 1990 on the Structure at McMaster Gold Zone.

Author of Western Miner Article on the Carolin Mine November 1983. Co-author of Paper on Lexington Porphyry Copper 1995 CIMM Special Volume 46. Author of a paper on the Ladner Creek Gold Deposit at the CIMM Annual Meeting in April 1997 and gave an update on Ladner Creek at a Workshop connected with Pathways 98.

Have computerized 3 separate very large diamond drill databases 1) Ladner Creek of over 50,000m of drilling, 2) Yellow Giant and 3) Lexington. I own a copy of Log II and am familiar with Gemcom P. C. Explore software.

Taught 2 terms of Geology-Prospecting evening course at Fraser Valley University College 1982-1983.

Have visited numerous operating mines and quarries over the years in Spain, England, Ireland, Nevada, Washington state, Montana, Idaho, California, Wisconsin, Ontario, Missouri, Nova Scotia, Yukon, NWT and British Columbia.

Also had considerable experience in the reclamation of various mining projects with respect to fish habitat. The best example is the creation, by Monteith Bay Resources Ltd., of a shallow water intertidal bench after it was determined by Fisheries that we had damaged intertidal habitat, a result of our road building and barge loadout activities. We built this intertidal bench over a 2 year period and transplanted appropriate saltmarsh plants. This bench was monitored over 3 years to verify that a viable habitat was completed.

Completed comprehensive resource assessment with specific practical recommendations about Texada Island for the Sliammon First Nation in Powell River. Negotiated and signed Memorandum of Understanding with the Quatsino First Nation regarding the Apple Bay Project.

Outlined below is some of Jo Shearer's experience successfully supervising a variety of equipment operators and working with numerous government agencies.

I own a 2' optical transit and would use this instrument to tie into existing survey control on any project to give the proper accuracy of elevations.

From reading my geological resume, it may not be apparent of what experience I have had in supervising subcontractors. It is common for the senior geological staff on an exploration project to be the field representative of the company to all field personnel. I have been in direct control of the following situations:

1)      Supervised various projects up to 24 man crews in the remote Yukon and Northern B.C., including projects with 2 diamond drill contractors, helicopter support, expediting all supplies and fuel by fixed wing from Mayo. Budgets in excess of $2 million.

2)      Numerous trenching programs of trenches up to 100m long and 10m deep, using tracked excavators and bulldozers.

3)      Road building (especially in mountainous terrain) with two D-8 CAT bulldozers, tracked excavators from JD690 to CAT325 size. I supervised the initial layout of the roads, actual road construction, ditching and culvert spacing to eventual deactivation as approved by Forestry.

4)      I have supervised the collection of several 10,000 tonne bulk samples, which entailed layout, drilling and blasting, mucking to a crusher and load out to 7,500 tonne barges.

I have dealt with heavy equipment operators on an ongoing basis for the last 25 years. Likewise, I have been the liaison person for numerous government agencies, the following examples illustrate:

1)      Monteith Bay resources Ltd.: I obtained a Mine Development Certificate in 1995 after an intensive 2 year process where I dealt directly with the 1) Ministry of Mines, 2) Forestry out of Campbell River for cutting permits, 3) Environment, 4) Coast Guard, 5) Aboriginal Affairs – we meet directly with the Band Council and held an open house in Kyuquot for all community stakeholders, 6) Fisheries.

2)      IKO Limestone Quarry, Slesse Creek: I did the coordination of Government departments for this project obtaining a Mining Lease from the Surveyor General's Department to filing a detail Mine Plan, to obtaining the Production Permit dealing with Forestry, Environment, Fisheries, Highways and even a few conversations with the Regional District.

3)      Apple Bay Kaolin Project: Completed over $700,000 in exploration and Bulk Sampling of 2 10,000 tonne samples, submitted detail Mine Plan and Addendum on Acid Rock Drainage Assessment. Completed in 2001 and spring of 2002 comprehensive Kenetic Tests, receiving environment sampling, humidy cells to calculate the mitigation required for controlling the minimal ARD/ML on the site.

4)      Supervise operation of a 120,000 tonne per year cement raw material quarry since September 2003.

5)      Shipped 5,000 tonnes of high grade magnetite to Vancouver from Sayward in 2005.

6)      Discovered and drill tested high-grade dolomite deposit at Jeune Landing near Port Alice.

7)      Project Manager in 2006 for a $3.5 million drill program on an Archean shear-hosted gold deposit in Northern Manitoba.

8)      Successfully completed numerous 43-101 reports on a variety of qualified transactions for IPO, take-overs and CPC's.